Sunday, May 22


Today was probably the most activity I have had in a long time. First I took a shower this morning, then we went to church, then after that we had lunch with some friends (one couple of which are expecting a baby this week, gotta get in some time before they disappear for a few months), then waited for a shot, got my shot, and then made it safely home. Really more activity than I have done in a long time.

I was thinking back this morning on those days I used to do all the above and still have energy to do more, or at least not feel like I needed to not move for the rest of the day. Those were obviously pre-chemo days.

In class this morning they took time at the end to pray for Lisa and I. It's really, really nice to be in a place like this, where we have no family or friends that we haven't known since before we moved here (almost 1 year) that there is a group of people locally that we can rely on and trust. It was really encouraging.

In other news I know a while back I had blogged about what the future might hold and fighting cancer, and/or moving back to Colorado Springs or Seattle to be around friends and/or family and I feel very strongly after thinking about it for a bit that this is where God has us at the moment. I feel like it we could manage it a move back to Colorado Springs so I could continue my work with OC, but at this point in our lives that a move back to Seattle would be a move in the wrong direction. I have to admit that it comes as a kind of sad revelation to me, as I miss Seattle in so many ways, but I feel like I have been called to serve elsewhere right now. Maybe someday... maybe not.

More long hospital visits this week. Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully we'll get something figured out. I won't be starting chemo anytime soon as this is only going to be week 2 off of chemo. At the earliest we'd be looking at the week following this one, and even then I would like to get things in Katy squared away so I can have chemo there instead of at MDA HQ "Where things just take longer!" (Ok, not their official slogan)

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. The house is still on track (I think) to close on the 1st of June. Several less things to think about/ pay each month. (Hey only living in one state! Sounds good to me!)

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  1. I've been praying that your heart would find a place to settle. So this post is a definite answer to my prayers...and yours too! I remember believing that I would grow old and gray in was exactly where I wanted to be. Good friends, beautiful environment...what more could God want for me? And look at me now! Old and gray...and living in Texas!!! And I don't even have cancer! But I have a heart that has settled in here...and beautiful friends (I suppose in exchange for beautiful environment). Good on you Ben Morrell!


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