Thursday, June 2

First shots are always the hardest

It never seems to fail. Despite the fact that I have been off the platelet drug for a week now, that when they started it up again (yesterday) I got the joys of a night long headache that wasn't too far off from a migraine. Fun it is not.

I have shots for the next four or so days as well.

Also, the townhouse officially sold. The money showed up in our account this morning and we are now free from extra utilities bills, mortgages, insurances, and taxes. Praise God for the blessing of dedicated buyers! Now perhaps we can start saving money instead of slowly bleeding it. (After we buy that new Bentley Lisa had her eye on... I kid, I kid...)

Thanks for the prayers and continued support. Shots the rest of the week. Doc visit on Monday and Wednesday next week. Maybe I'll be starting chemo again... who knows. Thanks for the prayers and support!

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  1. Ah the joy of being an renter!!! No responsibilities except to write the rent check! It's a good thing...don't let anyone tell you any different. With our AC running full tilt for the past three months I cringe at the idea of what it will cost to replace two units (upstairs and downstairs) when they eventually give up and quit on us. Good for you.


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