Saturday, June 25

Lisa, with the knight, in the living room

This evening Lisa and I sat down to play several rounds of the new unreleased (at the time of this writing) Lego board game, Heroica.

I spent probably an hour putting the game together. You build little segments that you can then reconfigure to make the game board. Building those is what took so much time, and unless we were to tear it down every time we played we wouldn't have to go through that first time build each time again.

The game seems to be designed more for younger folks in mind. The rules are pretty simple (unlike some other Lego games) and it doesn't really require a lot of strategy or thinking. Pretty much roll the dice and choose which way to go. (That said the dice were MUCH kinder to Lisa than myself these games.) To make this game something more of a challenge for an older crowd I would probably make combat more difficult (or respawn monsters like crazy). To make it more interesting as well you'll need to buy probably three or four more of these boards to make it take more than 10-20 minutes per game. As it is now the game kind of feels like it needs to be longer. It's like sitting down to watch a movie and instead watching a TV episode. You feel like you need to watch two or three more to get the time out of it. This could be part of Lego's evil scheme though to clean out our wallets, as that would take the cost of this board game from 30 bucks, to 90 or 120 bucks.

I enjoyed it though and think, honestly, that the investment in other parts to make this game more expansive and the rules more complex might make for a really great game. As it is now it'd be great for the younger age set. The downside to this is that I haven't touched Legos in years, and this could perhaps have ignited an itch that could start to take up space in our small apartment. (dum dum dum...)

I'd say go for the game if you have kids in the house, or if you are willing to invest in three boards and some time creating more complex rules. We had fun though.

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  1. Not enough room for Lego play? Well, there's another reason to move to a 2 bedroom apartment. : )


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