Monday, June 20

To the ER!

I know what you're thinking: "Ben seemed like he was doing so well! I wonder what happened that he needed to go to the ER!" You'd probably be surprised to discover that in fact Ben was NOT the one that this visit was for. I would let you take a second guess, but being as there is only one other person in this household, you'd probably be pretty good at selecting the patient. That's right dear readers, Lisa was the one for whom we made the trek to the ER this time!

Let me tell you what happened: About five weeks ago Lisa dropped a glass and it broke it in the kitchen. She decided to sweep the glass up with her hand instead of getting a broom. Thus she got cut and a sliver of glass went into one of her fingers. The cut healed up and sealed the glass sliver inside her finger. It hurt her up until a week or so ago when it stopped hurting. Most of this time I have been encouraging her to get it looked at by a doctor and last week she called her doctor who said they don't deal with stuff like that and said she should go to an Urgent Care Center or ER.

So we got around to doing that this week. The funny thing was I think this was probably the quickest ER trip in Morrell family history. She filled out paperwork, and then we sat for a bit, then we were called back, they took her blood pressure and temperature, and AS we walked into the room the Nurse Practitioner followed us in and asked how we were doing and asked what the problem was. Lisa explained her problem and the NP looked at her finger and decided that if it wasn't hurting, and since it didn't look infected that it was probably just best to leave it be, as opposed to cutting into it and risking infection and causing pain. And then we waited for the exit papers, and then we left.

Quick visit. We didn't get out of there though before we saw a very full sized cockroach scurry across the floor outside our room, in broad daylight. We were both a little weirded out by that. When we got home I was making jokes about "Paging Dr. Cockroach, Dr. Cockroach to the ER." Still, the place looked really nice and for all the hospitals (new and old) that I have been in I don't think I have ever seen a cockroach before. We might just avoid this place in the future. (NOTE: This was not an MDA hospital)

Stay tuned this week as I go to the dentist for the first time in three years, Niko goes to the vet, and I also get holes punched in me/ a tumor in my body. This promises to be an exciting week!

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  1. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I have to explain the picture: For all the time(s) I have been in the hospital and on heavy drugs they always ask me if I have fallen in the past 30 days. The answer is always no because besides having reflexes like a cat (albeit a cat on heavy narcotics) I either don't get to my feet if I am feeling woozy, or catch something before I start to fall.

    Lisa on the other hand, the well one, has tripped over things and fallen several times since I have been sick. So we always joke about HER being the fall hazard. So in the ER today they had these tags hanging on the wall that said, "Fall Risk" and I just knew we had to have one.

    There you go. Now that I explained it it's not funny anymore, I know.

  2. It's still funny Ben! and so is the cockroach! Was it one of those big ugly ones that crunch if you step on them? Our bug guy was here this week and said all the bugs are trying to get inside where there is water and it's cooler. RAIN! WE NEED RAIN! Also...tell your people Continental has tickets from Seattle to Houson RT for $208!!!!! Get em while they're hot...but not as hot as we are.

  3. I suspect I know why tickets to Houston are on's maybe 70 degrees here and hotter than the perpetual place of torment there! Yeah, as much as we long for summer here, we do tend to melt at much above 80. ; )

    If you had been at MDA, you could have assumed they were doing chemo drug trials on cockroaches. And, for what it's worth, with yucky bugs like that, I'd tell Lisa to stay off of floors!


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