Sunday, June 19

Dad's Day

With me being in the middle-south of the country and dad being a good twenty-two hundred miles north and west of here it makes "simple" holidays like Father's Day a little more difficult. Also the fact that my schedule and health are ever up in the air it makes things like popping up to Seattle more tricky than just the distance itself provides. Skype however helps those miles come a little closer. Also things like email and blog entry's make communication a little easier as well.

This year for father's day I am getting my dad a big IOU. It'll be some of the best Texas BBQ and Ice cream this area has to offer (Blue Bell and probably Rudy's) when you come and visit us!

If I would be asked to pin-point one favorite memory about my dad I'm not sure I could. One memory that helped contribute to the person I am today is the amount of computer hardware we always seemed to have around. Either fixing them for someone else, fixing other people's computers (Ryan), or the cool computers that we had for his business or for the family.

There was nothing that said I had to get into technology, it's just that so much of the stuff that interested my dad also interested me when it came to the technical stuff. So a big huge thanks to my dad for pursuing this interests when I was a kid, it helped me greatly where I am today!

A big happy father's day to my dad, whose support through everything has been amazing, and to all those dad's out there who made other people in my life possible, AND to my friends who are now fathers. Remember your impact!

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  1. Thanks Ben. I wish we could be together today.

    Sometimes the 'impact' that we feel we have is the destructive kind. It is nice to know that some impacts are for good.


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