Friday, June 17

Niko Roll

A very excited little parrot to get what we have dubbed the "Niko Roll"
This evening Lisa and I were having hot dogs and as is usual with the 'dogs there were two extra buns vs the number of meat logs. That being the case we made up a little something for Niko. He's been enjoying cherries lately (there's a surprise in the middle of each one!!) as much as we have and he always loves his carbs so Lisa joined the two together to create the Niko Roll. (He's not a big fan of any kinds of sauce, so we left it "bare".)

We haven't captured too many pictures of Niko like this one either. He's doing his "wide eyed, hurry up and feed me" look. This is undoubtedly where he looks the cutest. Now that we are done with dinner, and he's done as well he's telling us he's still hungry. Though frankly I can't remember the last time I ate something the size of my head and was still hungry afterwards.

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  1. So just where did the saying "He/she eats like a bird" come from. Obviously, they didn't have a friend who is an Electus.


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