Friday, June 17


In the past 24 to 36 hours or so it has been made known that the bank I currently bank with is being purchased by another bank that has a significantly less than stellar reputation. The response on the Facebook group for the bank has been less than positive, with almost 600 comments on the change between two posts. Plus there was an article on a blog I typically read about the change as well and that had a good number of comments as well. The overall gist of the comments has been, "That's it, I'm out."

It has got me to thinking about change that gets forced on us. As my cancer is the two ton elephant on the blog it tends to show up, and in this case it rings true. Cancer has "forced" a lot of change on Lisa and I. From moving, to treatments, to tastes, to looks, to feelings, etc etc etc. (etc etc...) The list is long. The point is if it was up to me I would probably be living back in Seattle without any clue as to other things I could be doing. But, here I am in Houston (by way of Colorado Springs) trying to live a life.

I know things in the consumer realm are different than in the "real life" realm, but the general attitude of "That's it, I'm out!" when the going gets potentially tough, would have been like Lisa running away from me at the first diagnosis. There is a time to bail out of something and run, and then there are times where you need to stay, fight, and maybe make something better because of it.

You never really know what change will bring. I have friends in Colorado, Houston, and frankly all over the world that I wouldn't have had before if not for this. Yes, the fight has been long, hard, crippling, and at times very down hearted, but I feel like I have gained things from not quitting that I wouldn't have had had I ran away or quit.

Keep fighting your fights.

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  1. I agree when it comes to people...but not to banks. Don't know who is taking over who down there, but when Chase took over WAMU up here things REALLY went south quite quickly. In fact, we really wonder how long they can keep up treating their customers as they do and continue in business. We went to BECU. I like credit unions and would highly recommend going that route if you find you need to change.


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