Wednesday, July 20

Best news all year

The Dr.'s appointment only took two hours today. Which isn't great, but it's also not the 3-4 hours it has sometimes taken.

Overall the doctor practically prescribed a vacation/ some time off for me. (Does that mean I could get my insurance to cover a Cruise or something?) The PET scan  showed no further growth. Everything seems to be holding steady right now. The metabolism of the tumors has gone from a 7 to a 5 on whatever scale they use. (It can go as high as 20) Overall I think today I probably got some of the best news I have gotten from a doctor in probably a year.

We'll be hospital free until August 10th. So my blood can recover on it's own, and I can get over this cold before doing something else to my body.

We'll be taking some of this extra time off to visit Colorado Springs. (As it's been a year since we have been back there.) Email me if you want details.

We're also in the process of deciding if we want to move to a new apartment as our lease is coming up and we need to give 60 days written notice to make getting out of here happen. We'll need to decide if we can find somewhere closer (with another bedroom) for a decent price, or if staying here at the current price and the driving, is worth it. We'd appreciate your prayers for that.

Thanks for the continued support team!

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  1. As much as I liked your area, I would vote for getting closer to MDA. The 26 miles in with traffic is insanity, and that's not to mention the 26 miles back home!

  2. Yeah, seems to me that 52 miles roundtrip all those times is costing you a lot in time, not to mention gas. I haven't seen the area but I bet you'd be happier closer.

  3. So exciting!!! Congrats on the good news & the time off.

    p.s. I love the new look to the blog!

  4. GREAT NEWS!!! tumors not growing...that's wonderful! On the secondary issue, I know that rent inside the inside loop is the most expensive in Houston. But you certainly should look...and having no house payment now would make it easier than when you moved into your current place. There might be some nice spots outside the inside loop but inside the outside loop...etc.

  5. Houston sounds a little loopy to me.


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