Wednesday, July 20

Sickness upon *achoo* sickness

Think the title was a little mello-dramatic? I did too. Yesterday I had my PET scan and they had to try three times to find a vein for the IV. And this isn't like the poke, oh that that work, type, we're talking about the poke, dig around for a few seconds (felt like minutes) and then pull it out again. Not the optimal experience, but at least they got it. We get the results from that test later this afternoon. So we'll get some idea if we are "coming" or "going" on this type of chemo. (That made more sense in my head...)

Last week Lisa did the whole "Houston Project" thing and came home at the end of the week with some kind of cold. I did a really good job of avoiding it until I woke up this morning with my throat on fire and heavily debating staying in bed for the next week.

I've been pretty blessed when it comes to colds and other viruses since I started chemo. My body, which generally isn't strong enough to fight off those sicknesses has been protected. I would say this was a lot of staying in the place we were living, not going out, and being hyper-sensitive to germs, and spending a lot of time resting, which I am sure is the case, but I also know that I have to ascribe this blessing to God as well. Seriously, it has been over a year, if not longer, since I had a cold. Lisa is always relatively healthy and anything she fights off in three days will generally take me a week and a half. (She got sick, flu like stuff, one time and spent all day in bed shortly after we were married, I was the new husband and really concerned because of how sick she was. Next morning she pops out of bed, makes herself coffee and goes to work feeling refreshed, and leaving me scratching my head. Meanwhile I get the same thing and have to stay at home for three days to get rid of it.)

I'll write up something tonight about the experience at the doctor's this afternoon... I'm hopeful.

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