Thursday, July 28

Doing what the Bible says

Last night as Lisa and I had the privilege of being prayed over by some Elders and other folks at our current church here in Houston. (Houston's First Baptist) The last time we were prayed over was before I ever started chemo. (Back in May 2007) I guess it felt like time to do it again.

Last time it was really a powerful time of being reminded that God was with me through everything I was (and still am) going through. I was surrounded by people I had known a good chunk of my life and who were praying for me to be healed. It was humbling, it was moving, it was a reminder of God's presence.

Last night was different for me in some ways, but at the same time very similar. Last night I was surrounded by strangers, people I really haven't known for more than five or six months. (If that long) But at the same time, they were praying to God, asking and imploring Him, on my behalf, for healing and a way out of this.

Believers in Christ coming together to pray about something, sometimes even stuff they have no "vested interest" in, (Like my health, or a natural disaster, or even an unnatural disaster) is what continually surprises me about other people. Yes people will reach out and help in physical ways when we barely know them as well, which is so incredibly helpful, but having people praying for me, whom I have never met, and will probably never meet this side of Life, continues to blow me away.

I hope for those of you I don't really know, who read this blog, today, tomorrow, or many years from now, that you might get something from this story (as rough as it might be) and know that I have been blessed through prayer. Thank you all.

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