Thursday, July 14


This past week in the evenings Lisa has been doing something through our church called the Houston Project which from the sound of what she is doing is running an evening VBS for inner-city kids at their apartment complex. (Bringing the VBS to them) She's been having a good time at it and I should probably make her do a write up about it sometime in the near future.

Because of that Lisa has been gone most evenings so I have been kind of fending for myself these past few nights. (Been watching through the Lord of the Rings) Last night I also did the dishes and emptied out the dish-washer. You'd have thought after I did that that I had run around the building five or six times. Let me tell you I slept well. While it was nice to do something that general Lisa does because I don't have the energy, it was also a kind of water-mark for me about where I am at on my recovery from this last round of chemo.

Physically I seem to be recovery faster than mentally this time around. Which is a little odd as it is usually the other way around. The body can't keep up with the head, vs this time where the head can't keep up with the body.

Next week I have a PET scan and visit with the Doctor. I'm a touch concerned that perhaps, the way I am recovering now, that my body has started to "adapt" to this brand of poison (read: chemo) and it is loosing it's effectiveness. On the flip side however I am having some pretty crazy pains in my chest area that before were linked to tumors dying before. (This pain is very distinct) So really I guess I'm getting signs both ways on this and waiting for the results of the PET scan is about the only thing that will give me any kind of "answers" so no point in wearing a path in the floor worrying about it.

Besides this weekend is our sixth anniversary, and we have some things planned to enjoy it. Nothing grand, per se, but things we enjoy doing. (read: eating)

I appreciate the prayers and support, I don't really imagine that I would ever be where I am today back when this whole crazy thing started. Prayers and support are how we have made it this far. Thanks all!

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