Saturday, July 9

Tell them what they've won!

Yesterday the five days after chemo "pain" started up and I thought instead of running off to the ER first things that I would give it a good ol "College Try" and see if I couldn't battle the pain on my own. (Which BTW: In case you didn't know I have been told that the pain is very much like the pain of having a heart-attack) As I knew myself to not be in any danger I thought this would be a good idea. You know, keep the ER for those that need it.

Around dinner time I decided that no, this pain killer regime I had setup for myself did not seem to be working and the killer pain radiating out of my chest into my arms up my head and down my legs was approaching more than I could handle. Especially as sleep was approaching and I couldn't medicate myself on a regular basis. So after dinner we packed up, dealt with the current garage situation (there is a story I need to relate...) and headed to the ER.

The wait time when you say you have a serious pain in your chest at an ER is pretty minimal. Even if they are busy they find a crack to stick you in if nothing else. Despite this, they must have been busy, it was something like 9:30 before I was seen by a doctor. Then of course despite knowing what the problem was and how to fix it she wanted to run the full gamut of tests to prove that I was not in fact having a heart attack. (Which honestly I am fine with so long as they deal with the pain first. My cancer was discovered because of one of those "extra" tests so I say why not.)

They ended up deciding around 2:45 that my platelets were too low and that I needed infusing so they promised us it would happen "soon". Around 4:15 is when the platelets showed up. We got out of there around 5:30, swung by a Waffle House on the way home for some breakfast, got home around 6:30 and were off to bed.

Overall this past week I have learned I don't have anything growing in my head and I haven't had a heart attack. Recovery seems to be going fairly well. Two ER trips is kind of extreme for me, but then again the chemo effect was kind of mild. It's "funny" how it all weighs out in the end it seems.

Not sure what today is going to be like as it is already into the afternoon. Probably some dinner, a little bit of hanging out with Lisa (who probably watched 3 movies last night on the Hospital Movie system thingy... Friday Night ER and a Movie(s)) and then go to bed. Try to get back into a traditional sleep pattern.

Thanks for all the prayers and support! We really appreciate it. More as I am less tired I am sure...

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