Sunday, July 10

The Span between Spaces

I feel like that is where I am right now: I'm in the span between spaces. There is the space of waiting for something to happen, and something happening, and I am in the span in between that where I am recovering and "something" has happened.

Or perhaps a better analogy would be walking down a flight of stairs in the dark. I'm in the space where you have determined you need to take another step, but you're not really sure your foot is going to hit another step, a landing, or you'll tumble endlessly into some void.

It's apex of a ball tossed into the air. It's shot upward with all of it's energy and now as gravity and the energy of the toss run out/ become more pronounced the ball starts to change direction. (The point of weightlessness in a roller coaster or an airplane making parabolic curves.)

I guess with all that visual imagery under this posts belt I guess a way to simplify it all is to say like it's time for a new direction. I need a pause, or a refresh of hope, or a different direction. Instead of just hitting the solider's on the enemy side with rocks I'd like to do something that wins this battle so I can move on instead of this seemingly endless cycle, which isn't really doesn't seem to be getting me much closer to an answer. Just "more".

[ Prayer request? ]


  1. Sounds like Verschränkung to me. Look at the Wikipedia discussion on Schrodinger's cat.

  2. Yeah, it's what waiting is all about, huh? But be sure to live each day with the most of your present capacity in the place you are in now. It's where God has chosen as the best He has for you. (Wow...there's something for a mother to wrestle with.) However, hoping for what is next is a gift from Him too. "Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen."

    By the way, I love the "Past Pictures" on the side of the blog. Very fun!


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