Thursday, August 18

As my head slides back into place

This week has been really rough. In the future I will rethink jumping off a plane and right into chemo because it was not a "smooth" way back into any normal sense of life. We got back in the evening and went to bed pretty quick, and then I was at the hospital at 7am for a blood draw, saw a few docs and then went and started chemo. I was back home around 7 or 8pm. Then I did the 11 to 5 chemo route all week long. As of today I feel like I am able to get back to some sense of "life" for the first time in two weeks. And the first week out was a working vacation and this past week I was at home.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. I have been trying to keep you all updated, but it's been rough. Please keep praying for us and know that I will update more as I am feeling more awake and alive.

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