Monday, August 22

When life gives you blueberries

Not a short time ago Lisa we had gone to the store to find that blueberries were something like two cartoons for four bucks, which generally told us that the store was trying to get rid of them, which means they were probably nice and ripe. This was perhaps the case but it was hard to tell. The flavor of said berries was not fantastic and so I decided that perhaps something "drastic" had to be done to revive our four dollars worth of blueberries. Some sugar and spices we brought in against a backdrop of a crust and some heat was employed and well, we ended up with this. (See images) I might have gotten a little creative with the crust on top as well. Lisa likes to stay up late so I figured I would make a pie topping that perhaps didn't feel so bad about being eaten late at night. (Like any other thing in our kitchen has that objection...)

Today marks the fifth day of being off chemo. For those of you keeping score at home you'll know that today is the day where normally my body is exploding in pain as it exerts lots of extra energy towards producing extra white blood cells to replace the ones that the chemo so thoughtlessly killed. Anywho, you'll note that I am not, nor have I yet been to the ER. I think I need to sit down and write about what has been going on, but frankly it's kind of been strange and I am not too sure how to deal with where I am at. (So I bake... cookies on Saturday and a pie today)

I'll get back to you, for now, just enjoy the pie and cookies...

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