Thursday, September 8

Dr. Doctor

Doctor's office again yesterday. (Well, and again today, just a different Doctor) It seemed like a short visit because we only had to wait an extra hour and a half. (You know you've had cancer too long when...) It was kind of a funny visit because first we saw the nurse and explained what was going on with us and treatment schedules, and she was pretty sure we'd be going another month without chemo. Then we explained a lot of the same stuff to the higher up nurse/ doctor (I'm not sure what he is...) and he said about the same thing as the other nurse. "October 10" seemed to be the result. Then Dr. Ludwig came in, listened to the same statements we had made before (why don't they all just get in a room at the same time?) and said, "I think we can do it in 5 days!" So the first nurse rolled her eyes and then asked us to come back tomorrow (today) to meet with the blood doctor about shots for my platelets.

My goal today is going to be making sure the doctor firmly looks at the data we have on me from previous times I have had the shots and see if they really think 5 days of shots will get me to a place where I can have chemo. Because if we don't make it in time then I will have suffered two horrible migraines and feeling like I have the flu for a week, for nothing. And I would like to avoid that.

In other news it sounds like in October Dr. Ludwig will be "restaging" my chemo plans. Looking at all the data from the past year and getting a new scan and seeing if there isn't something that can or needs to change.

Otherwise things have been kind of "normal" around here. Our moving day is approaching in a month a a half and we'll be hosting more than half our family in one form or another between then and now... and I may or may not have chemo before October.

Thank you so very much for the continued prayers... I know I have been fairly silent on here as of late. I've been mulling over some things and I am getting ready to "talk" about them. Thanks!

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