Wednesday, September 28

Some Time Off

Well Folks, today begins day one of our "vacation". The reason I haven't been pounding down chemo the last week or so was so that I could do this and not feel horrible the whole time. Then following that I'll be getting my PET scan on, then seeing the doctor, and then starting more chemo. And then we move. During this whole thing we play host to almost all our family in the next month.

Lisa's sisters and my siblings are all coming down to hang out with us for this next weekend. Keep an eye on the social medias (Facebook, Twitter and G+) for picture streams. (Twitter feed is on the side-bar of the website, so you can check in there if you just want to "lurk".)

This is really the first "vacation" we have had since we went on the cruise last year for Lisa's birthday. Our vacations since being down here in TX seem to revolve around using Lisa's birthday as an excuse to get away.

If you could pray that this upcoming time for Lisa and I that we would be encouraged and renewed by this time away from the "daily grind"and that maybe some of the almost constant weariness and fatigue I feel on a daily basis would disappear. (At least until maybe the next round of chemo)

After I finish chemo this next time around my Dad comes for a visit to help us get ready to move. Then following the move, Lisa's parents come to visit us. It'll be a busy month, but hopefully it'll also have relaxing moments. (And we're quite excited about moving... man that commute will be amazing)

Thanks everyone. I'm sure you'll see more posts from me soon... writing is relaxing, so I am sure I'll be doing it more on vacation.

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