Friday, October 28


Over the past three years or so the phrase, "it is well with my soul" has resonated very strongly with me. So much so that three years ago I decided to pursue the idea of getting a tattoo of that phrase. But then I got sick again and more pressing matters, like chemo and feeling horrible a lot of the time, took top priority over permanently adding artwork to my body somewhere.

My feeling about the phrase, and the slight irony that I would have it tattooed on my skin haven't left me and I have started to think about it again. I know there are more than a few people that read this blog that might have some ideas about what something like this might look like. I don't really have too many requirements for it honestly. It can be in almost any language, binary, English, Latin, Arabic, Sanskrit, German, elvish, Chinese, etc etc. I was thinking about doing it as a kind of "shoulder guard" style, but I don't have a lot of shoulder so I am not sure if other areas would be better.

This is a call to you the artists, graphic designers, doodlers, Typographers, etc who would like to help me out, and contribute something permanent to my life. Winner gets a nice dinner, no matter where you're at. Entries can be submitted to my email address. You know the one Ben dot morrell @ gmail. It can be fleshed out, a sketch, text of an idea. I'd like to see what you design that combines a bit of you, with the phrase, and tries to capture a bit of me as well.

Thanks for thinking it over.



Ben Morrell
Skype: OCBenMorrell


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