Thursday, October 27

Welcome to Texas

That'll be 25 bucks. Well, I have bitten the bullet and surrendered my Colorado State driver's license to become a Texas citizen. Now despite the fact that we have been "living" here for the past year, we are, both of us, residents of this large state.

This seems like it as some weird form of a start of something that I wasn't really expecting.

I played medical hooky today and skipped a blood draw this morning. I might feel worse about it if someone had called me up and said, "Why didn't you get a blood draw this morning?" (Meaning that they were looking at my counts) Buuuut no one has, so my suspicions that doing it every-other-day isn't going to kill me, are in fact correct. Always nice to know I know the system as well as I think I know the system.

On a merchandise related note: since meeting some friends who had, at the time, what was called a "Love Sac" (It's a large bean-bag chair type thing... but it's filled with foam, and frankly is way bigger than "bean bags" I have seen in the past.) I have wanted one, and only in Colorado did we really have the space for such a thing, but the "Love Sac" brand runs about 600 (and more) dollars for a sac or the size I was looking to enjoy, and while I enjoyed said sacs, I didn't want my wallet to be a sad sac. I mean that kind of money can buy you a lot of things, rent, food for months, an iPad, a phone, etc. So I have begrudgingly gone large foam sac-less in my life. Until recently when we bought our off-brand air mattress and saved almost 50% of the cost, I got to wondering if there was a nock-off "love sac" that I could enjoy for less than it's brand-name-brethren. Low and behold I was right. The Cozy Sac made it's way into my awareness and for what seemed like a decent sum on Amazon (maybe a 4th of the cost of a "Love Sac") we procured a Cozy Sac. Granted moving this this around isn't for the feint of heart... it could possibly weight more than half of what I do, but it is unrivaled for the ways I can enjoy sitting, leaning, laying, and cross-leggeding in it. I can't recommend it enough if you are looking for something to fill that game-playing, movie watching, or book reading spot in your life and the victorian wing-backed chair just isn't doing it for ya.

Lisa's folks have been a huge help the past few days as we seek to make home 6.0 seem like it is more fully lived in. This move would have taken three times as much time and money if it hadn't been for our parents and friends. Thank you all for your help!

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