Tuesday, October 25

Parent Swap

Dad left this morning bright and early (3:30am CST) and Lisa's folks, came into town around seven this evening. Dad helped us move, and Lisa's parents will help us get this house in order. (No more boxes!)

I've been doing daily blood draws because of my low platelets (they've been hovering around 24) and it's been really interesting doing the blood draws. It only takes us five to ten minutes to get to the hospital now. Then 10-30 minutes to wait for the blood draw, and then five minutes back home. It takes us less time to do the whole trip than it did to even drive to the hospital before. It's been a tremendous time saving. "Going to the hospital" isn't going to have so much weight as it did before. Thanks again for all the prayers and support as we made this move!

There are plans today to visit Ikea tomorrow to flesh out some holes in our "cheaply made Danish products" around the house collection. I am sure I'll be getting my exercise in at least.

[ Prayer request? ]

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  1. Words cannot express my thanks to the Lord for moving you so much closer to MDA. What a joy!

    Thanks for taking good care of Dad!


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