Sunday, October 23

Wrap up

Yesterday folks came and helped us move all our stuff from 26 miles away into more of the heart of Houston and the city center. I have a blood draw tomorrow and in contemplating when I should get up for it I thought, "the blood draw places are generally busy on Monday mornings, which means I might have to wait half an hour." No where in that thought did "time to travel" come into my mind at all. You know what? I like that.

I've also been realizing the past almost two days now that 700sqft is small, and that an additional room and bathroom with just 300sqft more could make a drastic difference on how I view our living space. (and how much/ often I see Lisa) walking into the apartment this evening I felt like I was walking into a deluxe suit at a hotel (albeit one that likes to leave boxes around) instead of our normal 700sqft of living. I am thinking perhaps that I will find very few drawbacks to moving.

Health wise I am almost at the magical "day five" when all sorts of aches, pains, and misc terrors seize my body and shake it violently. The hope is, again, that with proper side-effect management (ie: enough pain killer to put most people under for a week (aside: not super proud of that fact)) I will avoid a late night trip to the ER. (however convently close it now is) Tomorrow the plan is to show Dad a bit of the area.

Many thanks for all the prayers and support. It means a lot to Lisa and I to hear how people pray for us. Thanks team!



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