Friday, October 21

Leading with six

Here we are, the last night of our year spent on the fringe of Houston, driving hours a day to get to the hospitals we needed to get to so I could get treatment... You remember those days? They seem like they were yesterday to me. Now here we are about to live in a place that is a mile and a half from the hospitals, again, no idea for how long or what the circumstances of us moving again will look like but we're moving again for the sixth time since we have been married. Maybe we can stay some place for a couple of years this time? Though realistically moving away from Houston would represent the fulfillment of a lot of things we have prayed for, it's hard to be nomadic. I really have a much, much closer understanding of what it means to be a missionary.

Tomorrow it is planned that some twenty-six, maybe more, maybe less, people will defend upon our 713sqft and move us to our new 1015sqft. In typical Morrell fashion we aim to have a good amount of high quality food on hand. I went searching for Pizza places in Houston on the website, and a place we have eaten at in the past came up as being highly reviewed. After five calls to the establishment to try and get Pizza delivered tomorrow, I decided I had had enough and called the next option for Pizza on yelp. One phone call and everything was setup and paid for. And the pizza ended up costing a little less than I had budgeted, and they are going to deliver to us even though we are outside their delivery area. Does customer service really need to be so difficult? Either way the driver tomorrow is getting a nice tip.

My Dad came into town on Tuesday to help with the end of my chemo and moving stuff. It's freed Lisa up to pack and get ready and also highlights the "issue" with only having one bedroom. (There is just something about making one of your parents sleep on a couch that seems wrong.)

Health wise things have been going okish. This end of chemo wasn't as smooth as two times ago, but I don't foresee myself going to the ER anytime soon because of a symptom I couldn't manage. (pain, nausea, etc) thanks for all the prayers and support. The vacation time off with the siblings was really good (we want more!) and the chemo was tolerable, and it seems to be working well enough for now, and seeing family has been good (Lisa's folks come into town next week), and the move is going to give us a lot more free time as well. Thank you.



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