Monday, October 17

Sleep Weight

You'll have to forgive my typing. My fingers go to the right spots, but they will either jerk when they get there or they will not hit the key hard enough to actually mark it. I wrapped up the 5th round of chemo for this cycle this afternoon. We've been going in at 8am and getting home around 2pm so it's been different from the 3/5/7pm start time that ends up finishing around 10/11/12 at night.

I've put on ten pounds this past few days. Going from a nice 130 to almost 140 pounds. That'll all disappear once they disconnect me from this bag. (Speaking of bags the past bags I have gotten to haul around all this liquid with me have all been rather non-descript bags with two straps and two handles and a zipper all the way around it. I haven't thought much of the bags other than the fact that they were kind of dour. On Thursday when they delivered the bag to me it was the same style of bag, but it was bright blue. (really, really glad it wasn't pink) It's been a nice change of pace for me I feel like to carry around a blue bag instead of a black one. It seems less bleak. I would also advocate green and red bags. Maybe you could setup a ranking system or something. Your first 10 bags are black, and then it switches to blue, and then red, and then green. You just know those "green packers" know what they are doing/ got it going on. (Of course that would be some 40 plus treatments... so I'm not sure anyone would really want to achieve "green packers" status. ))

We move this next weekend. Thanks to the many of you who have volunteered to help. We could have done it without you, but it would also have cost a large sum(s) of money. So for your generosity in helping us we will endeavor to have some fantastic pizza for you all to enjoy. (We'll be forgoing the "5 dollar" pizzas. Hey, you come around here, lift out junk up and down stairs, we want to make sure you can really enjoy the bread, meats, cheese and maybe some veg that goes to replenishing your body! (Plus we really like excuses to have parties.))

Thanks for the continued support medically. We've got train tickets to go to Seattle in December now. Not sure when we're going to come back, but we've got plans to go. Lord willing we'll be back for the holidays and what-not. This will be the first time in three... maybe 4 years we've been home for Christmas. You might even expect to get a TWEEN party out of the deal.

My dad comes into town tomorrow evening to help with general moving stuff, and most likely getting me to and from the hospital in places, and most importantly to sample some of the best BBQ we have in these parts.

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