Tuesday, November 15

The platelet slide

It seems at the point that I have "beaten" the side effects of one drug they start to wear off. Case in point my last blood test showed that my platelets took a step backwards from where they were before the weekend. This stuff is supposed to increase platelet production... which is why I have put up with the three day migraine, crazy fatigue, and body aches in the past. I have a blood draw tomorrow and we'll see what happens. I was supposed to start chemo on Thursday, and if I don't start then my window for getting chemo, and making our planned trip to Seattle are very narrow.

Yes, I know I can't make plans and expect them to actually work, but I would really appreciate it if you could pray that I could get a good platelet increase in the next few days. It needs to jump like 30 points, or close to 50% of what it is now. Last time I had chemo it took an additional three weeks for it to come up high enough. (I was on vacation at the time, so no big hurry) But I am kind of hoping to get this over so I can experience Christmas with the family for the first time in years.

Thanks again for the outpouring of support, I'll keep you all informed on how that is going when I know more!

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  1. I am going to my bible study tonight, and you are on all of our prayer lists.


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