Wednesday, November 16

Ways and Means

There are a lot of ways in which God can make His presence and care in my life readily apparent. Sometimes it seems that with being as sick as I am that God's grace and blessing in my life is more apparent than in a "healthy" persons life.

Seeing God's blessing ranges everywhere from people bringing us food when I am really ill, to finding a place to live that is SO much closer to the hospital, to treatments working and side-effects minimizing in amazing ways.

I've asked you all time and again to continue to pray for me, and while nothing has happened dramatically as in "you're healed! No more cancer in your body!" we have seen a pretty dramatic result in that the chemo is working, and the side effects are almost non-existent.

This morning I was blessed with another, rather dramatic way that God is looking out for me and answers prayer. My blood draw this morning reported that my platelets had gone from 63 on Monday, to 91 this morning. That's up 14 points a day. I frankly don't remember ever seeing such sudden results like this. I was pretty sure I would be starting chemo next week some time and that our trip to Seattle would probably have to be post-poned.

We were starting to make all sorts of plans for December and the trip and we had to stop because it was looking like my health wouldn't allow us to do a lot of the stuff we had planned. The lesson and/or reminder that I feel like God is telling me from these past few days is that, he continues to be in control. We can plan all we like, but we need to be open to other things happening.

Thanks everyone for the prayers! Don't forget to thank God for his blessings!

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