Thursday, November 17

Minor Details

Of course when they tell you yesterday that your platelets are at 91 and you naturally assume you are going to get chemo the next day, and they give you a shot "just in case" to push it up over the top, the thing they FAIL to tell you is that they have to wait two days after giving the last shot before they can start chemo. Thus, I didn't start chemo today, I got a blood draw, went to to the chemo place, checked in, thy called me and said they wanted another blood draw, so I went down again, gave more blood, went back up, and then they called me again and said, "No, no. We have to wait until Saturday. Come back then."

Instead I went and ran some errands with Lisa (getting the bird checked out and picking up groceries (literally, just picking up groceries, we order them online and then pay five bucks to drive up and pick them up. Very nice.)) and then I came home and fell asleep. These shots make me feel like I've been moving heavy stuff around all day. And I don't think I have been. (Though maybe with my memory...)

Tomorrow I don't have anything scheduled for the hospital so I am going to enjoy doing not a whole lot... which means I probably will be productive, just not mobile.

Thanks for the continued support! We'll fire this pony up again on Saturday!

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  1. You're grilling ponies now?

  2. Hey, if you're grilling ponies, I'm not sure I want you at my house! Ky is often confused with the equine species....


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