Saturday, November 19

Cracker Jack

I've never been a zombie before but I imagine this is kind of what it feels like. (Minus the whole "dead" part.) I have a mental fog, having a terrible time staying awake, and I can't take a shower.

I did start chemo today. It only took three hours for the blood testing place to get the results. On a busy day, like Wednesdays, it generally only takes two hours at max. When I walk in there and get seen right away, like today, it generally doesn't even take 15 minutes.

This was one of those days that half of MDA I associated with was on my side (the charge nurse was AWSOME to have on my team. She was ready to kick butt in the lab) the other half really, really seemed like it was out to get me. It seems like the two should be on the same team. Try to take me down, or be super helpful and nice. Don't try to be all things.

Though after waiting three hours to get chemo started (and thus delaying my chemo for the rest of the week) I was sitting there getting pre-meds and a volunteer stuck his head in and said, "Hey, do you feel like a snack?" At first I said "no" like I generally do. And then I relented and said, "Well, what do you have?" He rattled off a list of stuff he had in his little bad, and finally stopped on "cracker jacks". (Candy coated pop-corn peanut and a prize (note the lack of an S on peanut, not a typo)) It was just what I was looking for and it hit the spot and made my morning that much better. So thank you volunteer who randomly gave me Cracker Jacks. You made my morning better.

Due to starting chemo today I am going to be chemoing through next Friday. Maybe the food place will do something special... either way, thanks for the prayers and support. I am going to go do something about the "unable to keep my eyes open" problem I mentioned before.

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