Sunday, November 20

Wrapping up day two

Finished up day two of round eight of chemo today. I slept through a good part of the day today and Lisa has had the opportunity to work some crazy hours this week as we haven't had to be driving nearly as much. She's running up on 60 hours of work this week. The hope is that she can take off a few days at Thanksgiving and not do anything.

Today was primarily a sleeping day when it came to chemo. It seems like the past few days day two and three have been heavy on the sleep. Came home and slept as well. Thankfully it starts to clear up before chemo clears up, and definitely as I get finished with chemo.

Thanks for the support team. I was able to ask about where I am at for support numbers and I won't know many details until the end of the month really. But at the moment it looks like we're sitting around 600 dollars a month. This is about 800 bucks short of the amount I need to cover for my health insurance. But as I said, that is just based off of day one, not based off of the rest of the week. I thank you all for your generous giving and being so willing to give. I'll continue to update you as I have numbers.

Thanks so very much as well for the prayers every day. Those mean more and go further than any buck could get me. Thank you family, thank you friends, thank you generous company, and thank you people I barely know. I pray God will bless you in amazing ways through your prayers and donations. This would really be difficult, if not impossible, without your continued help.

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