Tuesday, December 20

All sorts of around

The past week has been a busy one. I haven't updated here much, but I've been updating on my Google+ account (with trickle down through Twitter and to Facebook

Thursday we went up to Whidbey Island to hang out with Lisa's parents and enjoy the scenery. Friday we had lunch with a friend I used to work with who is also dealing with crazy cancer stuff, then we had dinner with her sister and brother-in-law at a Thai place and staid up far to late. Saturday we went to the UW farmer's market, saw a play, had dinner with some more old friends, and then back to Lisa's sister's place to hang out some more. Sunday was church, and relocating to my parent's house for the week. And dinner with some fellow OC missionaries in the area. On Monday I hung out with some good high school friends, made lunch, and then we (as a family) headed down to Tacoma to see my brother's middle school bands perform. (He teaches music at a middle school down there) Then we went out to dinner with everyone. Today (Tuesday) has been fairly laid back, but we did go to see the lights at the Bellevue Botanical Garden. (Which as you can see above are fairly spectacular)

As you can tell we have been fairly busy. I have been doing pretty good up until this evening when I felt fairly run-down. I am thinking an early bedtime will be appropriate this evening as I have three appoints tomorrow.

Thanks for your continued support this season, it's been amazing being around all the family and friends here in Seattle. Merry Christmas everyone!

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