Wednesday, December 14

Re: humbled

A month ago when I told y'all (did that for the Texans) about being dropped by my insurance carrier, and my company asking me to help raise funds to cover my increased cost of insurance, I kind of thought that asking you, my readers, my friends and my family, for help would involve me occasionally getting up here and mentioning that I really need your help. I didnt realize that as I asked for help in this area that God would be working through you that have donated to teach me more about myself and to humble me some more. I've seen donations from people that can't make a whole lot, to people who have given up something in order to be able to help me (and Lisa), and in all I have seen generosity beyond what I imagined. And frankly the stories and the other things related to this have not only been a huge blessing to me, helpful to my company, but it has also been very humbling. I know you have done what you have done without any reward in mind, but it has been my prayer, and it continues to be, that God will bless you. Those that read the blog, pray for me, and have helped us out in one way or another. Your help isn't just prolonging my life on earth, but it's changing me as a person. Thank you, thank you, thank you. At this point in the giving we are about 6k into a total needed for the year of about 16800. Thank you very much everyone, it means a lot to me, perhaps in some ways you will never know. ~B.
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