Monday, December 12

Chilly and Wet

As you can see from the picture there, it's been hinting at sun here and there. Yesterday is rained a bit, this morning and a good chunk of the day it was foggy. Cold has been the theme... but no snow or ice, so going places and hanging out with people has been possible.

Friday and Saturday we spent some time with our sisters in their town house. We had fun talking, we made some cookies and frosted them as well. (Didn't eat any though...) Beth also made fudge... which I also didn't get to taste at all. It was a good time had by all and a good way to kick off this time we're spending here in Seattle.

Sunday we went to our old church (and the church that still supports our missions efforts with OC), we dropped in on a Sunday school class (as "visiting missionaries" you get to do things like that) and told them a little bit about what was going on with us and some of the things we have been learning. Frankly it went pretty well. As I get older I think my public speaking ability is getting better.

Following church we came back to Lisa's folks house and they trimmed the tree while I tried to stay awake. That only worked for so long.

Today has been pretty quiet, but I am sure that is about to change as we head out to have dinner with some friends. (That's pretty much the theme for the next week and a half is activities every night. Well, at least we aren't doing breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday with people. I got burn-out when I did that last January.)

I feel like I am doing fairly well health wise. I of course get tired fairly quickly so I need to pace myself, but I think that is going fairly well. (On Saturday Lisa was enjoying time with her sister and being as she is recovering from being ill she didn't pace herself and she had to go lay down towards the end of the time because she had tired herself out... oh the crazy lessons one learns while on chemo...)

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