Friday, December 9


Hello readers,
We've arrived in Seattle. (Those of you that were following along on my last post as I traveled will know that) Train travel was very surprising to Lisa and I. It has some problems (what method doesn't) but overall we had a really good time traveling first west and then north.

We met some great people, and got to see some of the country we haven't seen before, and even the parts we had seen before we were reminded of the beauty of this part of the world that we haven't spent much time in in the last few years.

A funny story, as we were passing through Tacoma I called my brother (he lives there) and told him we were passing through and then we went through a tunnel and lost connection, and then he called me back and told me he was coming home from work a little late and he had just been stopped at a train crossing as an Amtrak train went past. So it was funny that we were at one point no more than 30 feet from each other as we headed North.

Lisa and I saw a lot of great train stations in the different places we stopped. Little towns that have hardly a presence on the map have some really solid little train stations. You know who doesn't have a solid train station? Houston. It looks like something the early 80's threw up and no one bothered to clean it up since then. Seriously trashy. I had my doubts about the train when we walked into the Houston station and saw how horrible it looked. (Such a big city and such a horrible train station) In contrast LA's Union Station looks like a palace, and even the beat up King Street Station here in Seattle is wonderful by comparison.

I would recommend the route from Seattle to LA and vice versa to almost anyone wanting to see what the West Coast looks like. You can see some of my pictures on my Google Plus page. (They are all public)

Thanks for the support everyone, we look forward to seeing some of you real soon. Oh, Lisa is continuing to get better, her flu symptoms seemed to have mellowed out and turned into cold like symptoms. I have been hand-sanitizing like crazy the past week and thus far have kept myself free of whatever Lisa has been battling. Thanks for the prayers on that from everyone!

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