Sunday, December 4


It's happened a few times since I got sick that Lisa has gotten sick enough where she stays in bed all day and doesn't come out except to heat something or get something frozen. It's kind of a strange change of pace as I am the one that has to fetch food, tell her to rest, and generally play nurse.

Lisa got sick on Friday evening and it snowballed into an all-out flu-fest as she mostly staid in bed until Sunday morning. I spent my time on the couch getting things for her, but mostly trying to avoid getting what she had. (As I can only imagine if it kicked her like that what it would do to me.) So in the past few days I have been very aware of where my hands are at all times and washing them like a surgeon.

Lisa was saying she is glad she got this mainly out of her system before we go adventuring.

Anyway, I'm glad she's on the mend, and it's made me more appreciative of her ability to help me when I don't feel well.

Thanks for the continued support folks!

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