Sunday, December 4

Life Rocks

It's not often I will link to another post and talk about it, but I thought that Katie had a wonderful blog post about learning some lessons about rock tumbling I wanted to comment on. Head over there, give it a read and then come back. I'll wait...

She didn't spend too much time pulling out lessons from this, but well, frankly, maybe she's kinder to her readers than I am.

I wanted to say her post about rock tumblers really struck home for me, and detailing some things I hadn't thought about in a while by talking about the tumbling process, and what you get out of it at the end. They randomly selected a bunch of rocks out of a pile of basically the same looking grey rocks and then tossed them into a device that beat the rocks up for a month and a half. It took the grey same-ness of the stone and turned each rock into a very unique rock with aspects that non of the other rocks in that tumbler had.

I guess the parallels between life (me and you) and that tumbler should be pretty obvious. Katie made an interesting point as well. Tumbling is effectively "speed up" erosion. The parallel there being that given enough of life (hundreds of years?) everyone could go through enough beating to look drastically different from the stone they started out as. God' goal in all of this is to turn out some nice looking rocks that will shine specifically for Him. Some of us just spend more time in the tumbler than others.

Thanks to Katie for the post. I enjoyed it.

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