Friday, December 2

Things are getting sticky

I could use some prayer assistance at the moment. I stopped in to the pharmacy today to fulfill a prescription and they told me that my insurance said I was dropped. Which I knew was happening, I had also figured the change to COBRA would be painless. (ha?) The insurance rep at MDA said that sometimes the insurance company doesn't follow through and inform all the right people that the move to COBRA had been made, gave me her card and said to call the company to see if I couldn't get them to kick the system and get it working.

I called my company and tried to talk with the HR people, it turns they are all out for one reason or another, so I called Anthem myself and spoke to a rep who, "could find no record of me even having a COBRA account on file." She tried to talk to the "group policy" person, but they are hard to get a hold of or something. So she's going to wait and call me back when she hears anything.

I got a Skype message from my boss telling me he had contacted our HR person who is out on vacation today and got me a phone number of the person who had been managing my transition to COBRA. I have a phone call into her, and I am waiting to hear something back.

I'm not really "worried" at this point. I'm a little concerned because if this doesn't get resolved today then I will be going into the weekend without insurance, and who knows how many days next week as I am planning on traveling? It's a pretty bad situation to be in, not to mention I was getting drugs at the pharmacy so I could travel.

I could use some prayer to make sure this gets resolved in the next couple hours as the weekend is coming and I am sure it won't be easy to work on then. Thanks team.

UPDATE: Our very helpful HR person at OC swung by the office and traced down the problem and got the form faxed over to them (again) and so I think by Monday this will be normal. Thanks for the prayers and continued support.

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