Monday, December 26

Two weeks in

It's been a bit over two weeks now since we rolled into Seattle via rail, and it's been a family and friend filled time to be sure! It's been three years since we were able to be here at Christmas time and it's been a really great time of being with some people we haven't spent time with in a long time, and people we haven't hung out with in a group for a long time as well.

It's been an uplifting time away from the medical exile that is Houston. (It's not all bad, I'm just being dramatic... ) It's nice to just have the time to relax and be with people without surrounding it in an event, or limiting it to just dinner time or something like that.

I hope your Christmas was a good one.

As a reminder, with the end of the year coming up, if you want to help out with my medical costs this next year you can, and it's tax deductible. Hit up the help link on the site and get details about how you can help cover some of my medical costs this next year. (Aaand a big thank you to folks who already have donated. Every little bit helps in some way, and you have humbled me with your generosity!)

I'll write more as my head starts to clear up.

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