Wednesday, February 8

The PD Model

Up until just recently (as in yesterday) I, despite my "disease", had figured that I would follow what I refer to as the "Pete's Dragon" model of employment with Non-profits. Come in somewhere that hadn't had a tech person, or one where it was in a kind of old state of things, fix it up and set it working for minimal staff/ IT knowledge and then go somewhere else where I am needed.

I don't know if I could have consciously put this into words until yesterday when I had a conversation with my boss (The CEO of OC) and we were talking about some longer-term things. And it made me stop and think about my actual future career goals. I like the idea of adventure and new challenges, and working myself out of a job.

Yesterday I was confronted with the idea that maybe I have more to offer than just technology. Maybe there is an intersection between tech and my experience/ other knowledge that can bring a long-tern offering to a place, like OC.

So, I know he reads my blog, but I'm sure it's not everyday where a passing conversation (that took weeks to setup...) changes the way an employee thinks about things so long-term. God seems to have me at a great place right now, and despite this crazy sickness, seems to be giving me some thoughts about the future as well.

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