Tuesday, February 7

Where does my help come from?

A brief update for you on my financial situation in regards to health insurance stuff. At this point in the game my personal 1400+ a month insurance bill has been covered by your generosity. However, part of my overall goal was to help OC, who has been incredibly generous to Lisa and I, out with additional costs. (If you remember I was a large part of the reason OC got slapped with an 86,000 dollar bill increase, right before they kicked me off?) Either way, my personal part in the damage has been covered, but just yesterday my boss made an announcement about some cutbacks they will have to make due to a roughly 70k hole in the budget. Some of those cut-backs were kind of demoralizing to my staff and I would like to continue to pursue those of you that haven't helped out yet, that have said you would like to, in order to help try and do my part to carve a hole in the 86k I helped create.

All the information for donating is located here.

Also, my sister's auction for the painting she made for me has two days left. Wanna see if you can knock the high bidder down?

Thanks team so much for caring about me, and what I do with OC, and their work around the world. Even if you can't help financially, THANK YOU for your prayer support. God has blessed me richly because of all of you!

I see the doc on Wednesday, and supposed to start chemo on Thursday, but long-time readers will know how THAT will go. I'll update more as I have it!

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