Wednesday, February 1


I woke up this morning with the intent of going to MDA for a blood draw and then I got sick, so I went back to bed and tried again four hours later. I was pretty worn out this morning so I decided that I was going to pass on being productive. I "instead" did this:

What we have here is three recipes taking place: The Chocolate "Mayo" cake makes up the chocolate cake part, then we have the buttercream frosting with chocolate chunks in it (I have to admit, I made the butter from scratch as well...), and then we have the Chocolate Ganache which frankly didn't come out like I had planned... but oh well.

This came about because earlier this week Lisa had told me she was craving chocolate and wondered if I would make something. "Sure," says I, "why not." I hope it ends up tasting as messily chocolaty as it looks.

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