Tuesday, March 20

An example

Yesterday I wrote a post that reflected a little bit about where I was in my personal growth and some of the things I had learned about God. "My Favorite Thing About God" was the title, and it is about how God doesn't take the same path to get anyone anywhere and you can't pattern God. Well, unbeknownst to me (as are most things in the world when you think about it) God was working on a dramatic example of that that showed up in the mail that evening.

I'm not going to go into details, but someone did something for us, that they said God was clearly telling them to do (I don't know that part of the story). It isn't something that I would have done, or even thought to have done. But God is taking care of that other person in a different way than I would have, and in the process humbled me.

I feel like I have something far more valuable on my hands than it's actual value because of the action that went with it. I hope God speaks to me as clearly with that I should do with it as he spoke to the giver in giving it.

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