Tuesday, March 13

Limited Time Offer

A while back my sister did up a wonderful painting for me to use on thank-you cards that I send my donors (BTW: if you have donated and not gotten one I am working on the most recent batch now) and then she auctioned the original work off and it went for over 500 dollars in a spectacular show of generosity.

Due to the number of people that were interested in the piece when she originally offered it on ebay and decided it was too expensive to get into, she made a print available on Zazzle where you can get it in any form you like.

Much to my surprise this morning Google Offers had a deal for Zazzle, so that means if you wanted to, you could get some of Beth's art at half price!

The offer only lasts 5 more days, but Beth's work will be up there for the near future, so check it out if you're interested in owning a bit of this. There are some rumors that Beth might be auctioning off some stuff in the future to help benefit my health costs some more. I'll be sure to post it if it happens!

Thanks everyone for your continued support!

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