Monday, April 16

Got an Umbrella?

I really, really don't want to sound like a pity party here, that's NOT why am I writing. But JUST so you know I too have bleh days weeks times:

This morning I awoke to body pain, but NO headache! It was great, not only did my mind feel clear from chemo, but it was free from pain as well. It was a heady combination. After seven days of chemo and another three days of a migraine, it was good to feel pain/fog free. I made myself a fairly typical fair for breakfast, some toast with peanut butter on it, and sat down to take in the morning news. The second bite I feel something hard and crunchy... something that shouldn't be in toast or smooth peanut butter, so I get rid of the stuff in my mouth thinking it might be a bit of sand or something instead I am greeted by a few white chips of teeth. It appears one of my tooth's had decided it didn't like living and had decided to explode.

Thus this morning I am faced with contacting my oncologist to see if it's ok if I can get dental treatment so close to chemo, and then finding a dentist who can fit me in this morning and potentially fix the problem without causing me to bleed.

You'll remember I visited the dentist not nine months ago to get my first cavity filled. At that time he took xrays and didn't see anything else on the scan other than the one he filled. Now less than a year later I have a tooth that is more than cavity. I am afraid regular dental scans are going to have to become part of my checkup. Can't I be allowed to dislike at least one kind of doctor and not get to know them all intimately?!

I could use some prayers for wisdom for the best route to take on this. Thank you everyone. If you'll excuse me I've got a hole with an eye towards getting filled.

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