Friday, April 27


Hey Everyone,
Those of you that follow me on social media platforms (G+, FB, and Twitter) will have seen my posts for some reviews I have written for a website called BevReview. I've been a reader of the site now for something like three or four years now. A few months back the owner of the site asked me if I would be interested in writing some reviews for the site. Being as I enjoy a good drink every now and again I was happy to help him out.

I just completed my fourth review for the site and it went up this morning. You can find all of my reviews at this link. I'm kind of the Lemonade connoisseur of the site. I'm looking to put in a bunch more lemonade reviews in the next couple months.

Just thought you all might be interested in something I've been doing to keep myself busy. (Oh, and in case you're wondering, this isn't a paid gig... it's a "sure why not" gig.)

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