Wednesday, April 25

Dental plans

After telling me last week not to worry and that MDA would handle all the dental details I was informed, after asking several times, yesterday that the one dentist for all of MDA had reviewed my case and decided not to do anything about it. Thus I have to go out there and find my own tooth fixing... like I had originally thought, last week, when I had an appointment, that I canceled. Needless to say I am a little miffed as I was informed these can sometimes take three to four weeks to schedule, and last week I had five weeks until chemo again, and now I have four weeks until chemo. I am hopeful I can get a consultation scheduled this week and then get the root canal scheduled for ASAP.

Thankfully it doesn't hurt. If I was in pain I would probably be lying around with a cold compress smashed against my face downing large(r) doses of pain meds. As they say in the field, my quality of life has been just fine since the toastcindent. (It's like toast and accident) I just have this looming awareness that sometime soon there will be something boring into my jaw. Which, I have to say the desire to be awake for that is literally none. Zip. Zero. That is going to be my first question later today when I start calling the dentists that MDA suggested (or maybe I'll just call back the guy I originally called...) "Do you do sedation dentistry" and if they pause even for a second I'll be like, "Thank you goodbye."

I've tried the "conscious sedation" before, in fact the last time I got a biopsy they were just going to do it that way, but they injected me, and thirty minutes later they were like, "Huh... he should be calm and semi out of it by now. Not freaking out about us going to punch a hole through his chest to his back and pull material through." [Note: It still baffles me why they thought going in through the front and through my lungs was the "best route", especially after they looked at it again and decided to go through my back. I don't know if some student was looking for a challenge or what.] My first experience with that stuff proved that it doesn't seem to work on me, so we'll find someone who can knock me out good. (I had my wisdom teeth done that way and while not something I would do again, it was a quick and simple process.)

The more I sit here and talk about it the more I think I am just going to call the folks I originally had an appointment with who the dentist I went to recommended and skip the MDA suggestions. We'll see after some phone calls though.

Thanks for the support and the help. I have a shuttle to catch so someone can put more bruises on my arm! I mean draw blood.

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