Sunday, April 22


Being as I can't go anywhere and this past week was downright horrible (I'll spare you pictures of what my arm looks like from the constant (poor) blood draws) I felt like I needed a bit of something "fun", or at least semi distracting, so I decided to have a bit of a "bake-cation" this weekend. The first project was a modification of my favorite bread recipe, with roasted garlic instead of the cheese. There is the usual make, wait, mix, wait, prep, wait, bake, wait that went with these rolls but they had a completely different taste to them as they were lacking cheese and were instead infused with half a head of roasted garlic each. (Which after everything was said and done it wasn't really enough in the flavor department. They would have been better with probably a good head each.)

Lisa made a fantastic French Beef Stew to go with the rolls and we decided we like that stew recipe a lot due to the extra flavors it provides over "normal" stew. We'll be repeating the same meal we had last night for dinner to night. I know both of us are looking forward to the encore meal.

At the moment I am baking a dessert that I "came up with" though when I googled it I found that someone had been there at least five years before me. While I am not using this recipe it's essentially what I am doing: S'more Brownies. (And odds are good that in watching the food network over the past five years I probably saw this at one time, so I'll just credit where credit it due.)

Thank you for the continued support and prayers. This past week was bad. Even more stuff happened than I detailed in my previous post. (both physically and emotionally) It was just a perfect storm. Thankfully it is hopefully uphill from here and I am still alive through the trials. Thank God for His mercies.

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