Saturday, April 21

Tiny Little Limbs

In the past five years I can think of a few weeks that I felt went worse than this past one. Chemo recovery, broken tooth, being stuck with needles every day, extra meds, emotional junk, etc etc. I probably haven't mentioned it before but breaking a tooth is my number one thing I have nightmares about. I never dream about being told I have cancer is, well, because I never dreamed that would be a problem before, and then after I was told it's not like it could be any scarier than what I already went through. So having a tooth break in my mouth is a nightmare situation for me. It's one of those body things that can't naturally "fix" itself. It's like loosing a little tiny limb.

Recovery is coming along but at what seems like a slower pace than normal. Sometime in the next few weeks I'll be seeing the MDA dentist about a full workup and root canal or something. In the meantime I just need to focus on recovery. I'd appreciate any prayers in regard to that.

There were some bright spots in last week, Lisa and I got out a few times, and out of the house is nice when the house is work as well. Today I am making bread rolls (see social media for links and pictures) that I have been having fun with.

Thanks for your continued support, here's hoping for a better week.

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