Friday, May 4

The Bright Side

A few weeks ago I had what I decided was perhaps one of the worst weeks I've had in the past five years. While I'm not entirely sure that I would call any week that involved a trip to an oral surgeon and a dentist a great week this week has been significantly better. This could also be because in the light of the dark week, weeks that aren't anywhere near that bad seem bright and shiny in comparison.

While Monday was my root canal (which would probably have started out almost anyone's week as being a tough one...) Tuesday night we got a last minute invite to join some friends for dinner and we had a wonderful evening with them. Then we had a planned dinner date night on Wednesday where we made dinner and brought it over to a friends house. Again a great evening. Then yesterday Lisa had a friend over for a bit. And on Saturday we have a planned game night with some other friends. I've baked or food prepped for 2/3rds of the friend events (I would have made bread for the one on Tuesday if it hadn't been so last minute) which also makes it extra enjoyable.

Overall this week I have avoided MDA entirely, had my mouth poked at two different times, and spent more social time with different friends than I think we have since we moved to Texas... maybe even before Colorado. It's been a good week, one that I think will carry me further than the simple "it's not the worst week ever" would have taken me. My thanks to friends for the invites and thinking of us, and to God who knows best what I need.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

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