Tuesday, May 1

How's now work for you?

Yesterday I had a consultation with the specialized dentist that only does root canals. We got up, and made the trip across town so that they could see me and then we could schedule a time to make this happen. Instead of being a consultation it turned into a "lets just do this now". (Guess they had time...) They took some xrays, said, "Yep you really need a root canal" (so I have heard), then asked me three or four times if I was in pain, marveled at the fact I wasn't in pain and then tried to convince me I might not need sedation. I laughed and told them for their sake and mine I did.

They had me swallow a bunch of pills. (Three antibiotics which seemed the size of my pinky, and two sedation pills about the size of a grain of rice.) Those that know me will know that alone was a miracle that I got those down. They then hooked me up to a heart monitor, blood pressure monitor, and oxygen monitor. Then the doctor came in and on the third try got the IV in a good vein (I've had this complaint before) and then... well that's the last thing I remember until about five pm that evening.

Lisa has some stories, but I don't know if they are true, and if she tells any to you you probably shouldn't believe her.

I now have a nice post and core where the majority of my tooth used to be. In a few days or so I will get my dentist to put a crown on it and make it feel like a real tooth again.

Thanks for everyone who has been praying for this. The cost of the sedation was kind of high, and not entirely something we had budgeted for, but a few weeks ago we got a rather touching letter in the mail with the exact amount for the sedation. We were incredibly touched and at the time we had no idea what the money was for (as it was a rather large sum) and so, figuring that God has plans for mysterious amounts of money we put it away and didn't know until yesterday that it matched the price of the sedation. (not covered by dental insurance)

God provides. It's the tooth truth!

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