Saturday, May 12


I talk a lot about how I couldn't have made it this far in my cancer treatments without Lisa, and while that is very very true, there are other women in my life that have gone a long way to helping me get to where I am today as well. First and foremost, my mom, Jenifer Morrell. Thank you for the prayers, the support, the encouragement, and always cheering me on to continue fighting. This fight would have been a lot more difficult without you around.

Another mother that has encouraged me through this fight is my mother-in-law, Nancy Massingill, who has helped us with her nurse's training and been a supporter of us in prayer as well. She's been Lisa's champion to keep fighting and to help her as well as me.

Both Lisa and I have been supported by our mothers and they have been behind us all the way through this. There are also mother's of friends who have become involved in our lives as well and helped support Lisa and I in our fight. Overall a lot of people who have helped, but the title of Mother has really stood out to us as people who have helped carry us through some very rough patches. Thank you.

As I told my mom in a card recently, "You can't spell chemotherapy without Mother."

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