Saturday, July 7

Less of a visit

I was thinking about it tonight as we were settling in to our temporary housing for the next fist-full of weeks and I realized that I was looking at our current life path to Colorado Springs as less of a visit and more of a return. As we drove up to the city and the mountains loomed large over us I felt more calm and at rest about being here that I have felt about anywhere in the past two years. It was pretty evident to me that we were coming home to the place that we still think of as our chosen city. (Please ignore the Texas plates...)

I find myself wondering if God has us away from Colorado Springs to attempt to give us a taste of what our longing for heaven, our real home, should be. (I am sure there are other reasons, and I could probably fill a medium sized trade paperback with everything I alone can think of for why we've been away, I am hoping that perhaps we'll be entering a new time where we might be allowed to start coming back.)

I look forward to being here and I am thankful for all of you for helping make it happen.



Ben Morrell
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